Your body is constantly talking to you! It is calling to you through the language of tension, pain, emotions and thoughts. I used to think that it was so hard to understand what my body was saying…it isn’t. The hard part is finding the courage and strength to listen….and then act accordingly. The body speaks to us in so many ways. It is constantly speaking, but do we take the time to listen….and then what do we do with that information?

That spark of joy that you experience when you get a new opportunity, the fire in your soul that you feel when you are living on purpose, that feeling of being in sinking sand when you have more on your plate than you can handle, the lump in your throat that develops when you are afraid to say something that you know needs to be said…these are all ways that the body communicates truth to us. You have probably noticed that when you are living in alignment, things flow easily. However, when the body begins telling us things that call us into action, when it tries to shift us towards our higher purpose and nudge us out of our comfort zone, when is asks us to do things that require us to give up little elements of our old life…that’s when things get tough.

When life stress occurs, there are several ways that people respond. Some people don’t have any awareness that their body is in a state of stress. Some people are aware of their stress but choose to ignore it. Others are able to feel the stress and hear their body’s message and respond. If you respond and receive the messages that the body is trying to send, your warning signals will go away. Ignore it and it keeps trying to talk to you until you have no choice but to listen.

When I sit with patients who are experiencing a wide range of unexplained symptoms, I often think “hmm what could the body be trying to communicate”. Many times there are physical explanations. Often nutritional imbalances, infections or toxicities need to be addressed, but other times we just have to stop and listen. I believe that our bodies were designed very intelligently and with some very innate wisdom. I also believe that most of us are stronger than we know. When the body speaks it can be scary. It challenges us out of our comfort zone. I am here today to remind you of your strength. To remind you to take the time to listen to what your body is telling you and then to be brave enough to listen!