Diane Dauphinais is a Certified Holistic Science of Sleep™ Consultant and Member of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants. She successfully guides teens and adults on their path to restful sleep.

“If you often have trouble falling and staying asleep, know that quality sleep must be
achieved in order to benefit your health and well-being on all levels – mental, physical, and

If you frequently experience any of the following, I can assist you to get your sleep back
on track:
– Exhaustion
– Difficulty focusing on daily tasks
– Insomnia
– A poor relationship with sleep due to stress, anxiety, hormones, or poor sleep
– Little improvements to sleep no matter what you have tried

First steps: I will have you fill out a thorough Preliminary Questionnaire and schedule a 1-hour
meeting together, either virtually or at the clinic. Support includes sleep tracking and
daily follow-up via one of my Private Sleep Packages. Short and long-term packages
will be determined after evaluating current challenges as well as your future goals.

What to expect: You will discover a passion for sleep and its incredible benefits – more energy, increased focus, and better quality of life. I will help you stay committed to each step through dedicated support and guidance for lasting success!

First, I welcome clients to schedule a complimentary 15-minute call.

I look forward to meeting you and celebrating sweet dreams with you soon!”

-Diane Dauphinais
Certified Sleep Specialist of Pediatrics, Teens and Adults

If you want to learn more about Diane of Sound of Sleep, you can check out her website here.