During the Easter season, we are reminded of new life and resurrection. The message of God’s power and the hope found in the Easter story has been ingrained into me since childhood. However, three years ago my father was diagnosed with an advanced stage cancer and passed away around Easter. I really have not been quite the same since. I am thankful for the difficult journey that I have been on since his death, because it has helped me develop a new depth of character and an inner resilience; yet, often I struggle with not feeling like my old strong self. This season which is supposed to inspire hope had become a reminder of what was lost.

Then the other day, while I was running around doing errands, a song came on the radio about God’s resurrecting power. I so clearly felt God’s presence assuring me that he was going to bring healing to all my broken pieces and that his resurrecting power was alive in my life. Often, we think about the resurrection as being a one-time event that happened many years ago, but in many ways it is an ongoing process of God bringing new life. The crucification was a public act performed for all of mankind, but this Easter I am reminded that God is working on a very intimate level within each of us to bring about personal transformation and healing.

What areas of your life do you need resurrected? The more patients I work with, the more I realize the tremendous impact that our emotional and spiritual health have upon our physical health. It always amazes me what a detrimental effect stress has upon the body. As a Naturopathic doctor, my job is to treat the cause of an illness. All too often we take medications to treat the symptoms of an illness, rather than looking for the underlying cause. In the process of trying to find the root of the problem, I think it is always important to pause and ask God if there is some area of our lives that he needs to heal. This Easter season let’s celebrate God’s resurrecting power and trust him to resurrect all the broken areas of our lives.