Dr Rachel Bell

Naturopathic Doctor

Naturopathic Medical Care for the Entire Family.

Restoration Integrated Health is situated in a welcoming home based environment where you can escape the business of the city to focus on improving your health.
Dr. Rachel Bell is a licensed naturopathic doctor, committed to helping you feel your very best.



Botanical Medicine

Botanical Medicine involves the use of plant substances for their healing effects and nutritional value.


Clinical Nutrition

Clinical nutrition is an integral part of both the treatment of chronic disease and the management of acute conditions.


Lifestyle & Prevention

Mental attitudes and emotional states are strong determinants of a person’s overall level of wellness.



Homeopathy is a therapeutic system of medicine developed by Samuel Hahnemann nearly 200 years ago in Germany.

Latest Blog Posts

Boost your Immune System this Fall!

Boost your Immune System this Fall!

With the kids back in school and the calendar filling up with Christmas parties and events, now is the time to be proactive in avoiding winter colds and flus. No one likes chasing their toddlers around with a kleenex, waking up throughout the night to check on...

Juicer Pulp: Waste Not, Want Not

Juicer Pulp: Waste Not, Want Not

Maybe it is the Dutch in me, but I hate to waste anything! I hate to waste time, talent, energy and especially food. The pulp left over after making juice is packed with nutrients and full of fiber. Fiber helps stabilize blood sugar, it helps you stay feeling full for...

Restore your Health with Naturopathic Medicine


Understanding that mental, physical and spiritual health are all inter-related, allows Naturopaths to treat the whole person.


Examining the root causes of infertility and helping establish healthy pregnancies.

Hormone Therapy

Safe and Natural Treatment for Hormone Imbalances (PMS, Menopause, PCOS).


Establishing good digestive function is foundational in achieving optimal health.