Dr Rachel Bell

Naturopathic Doctor

Naturopathic Medical Care for the Entire Family.

Restoration Integrated Health is situated in a welcoming home based environment where you can escape the business of the city to focus on improving your health.
Dr. Rachel Bell is a licensed naturopathic doctor, committed to helping you feel your very best.



Botanical Medicine

Botanical Medicine involves the use of plant substances for their healing effects and nutritional value.


Clinical Nutrition

Clinical nutrition is an integral part of both the treatment of chronic disease and the management of acute conditions.


Lifestyle & Prevention

Mental attitudes and emotional states are strong determinants of a person’s overall level of wellness.



Homeopathy is a therapeutic system of medicine developed by Samuel Hahnemann nearly 200 years ago in Germany.

Latest Blog Posts

Easter Egg Dying…the Natural Way

Easter Egg Dying…the Natural Way

Easter is right around the corner and that means it is time to start planning all our favourite holiday traditions like sunrise services, easter baskets and egg dying.  Over the years, I have gradually been eliminating processed foods and chemicals from our pantry....

Beauty in the Broken

Beauty in the Broken

Recently I had the chance to escape the cold and travel to California with my four year old son. We spent many hours walking on the beach and looking for treasures. One afternoon we took a bucket along on our walk with the goal of filling it with beautiful shells. I...

Naturopathic Approach to Treating Insomnia

Naturopathic Approach to Treating Insomnia

Those who have never experienced insomnia, difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep, often take it for granted, but getting a good night’s sleep is extremely important in achieving overall health. Although it may seem like our body is just resting, the body is...

The Relationship between Stress and Weight Gain

The Relationship between Stress and Weight Gain

As a culture, we most often think that “being stressed” is only related to our emotions, yet few of us understand the dramatic effect it has on us physically.  Our adrenal glands govern our stress response, by secreting hormones relative to our stress levels. When the...

Restore your Health with Naturopathic Medicine


Understanding that mental, physical and spiritual health are all inter-related, allows Naturopaths to treat the whole person.


Examining the root causes of infertility and helping establish healthy pregnancies.

Hormone Therapy

Safe and Natural Treatment for Hormone Imbalances (PMS, Menopause, PCOS).


Establishing good digestive function is foundational in achieving optimal health.