To My Patient Community During This Pandemic,

As I join with other Canadians in the important effort to halt the spread of COVID-19, I have been conducting patient visits, for both new and existing patients, exclusively via telemedicine. Over the past few weeks, I have enjoyed visiting with patients from the comfort of their own homes. I have had the pleasure to meet many family pets that fight for attention and children who need snacks. Although I do miss having patients physically present in my office, it is often very convenient for patients to simply run to the supplement cabinet to see what items we need to re-order and many people have commented that they enjoy saving on travel time.

For patients who already have an appointment booked, simply assume the visit will now take place at the same time via telemedicine. I will email you a link prior to the appointment time. I have been using a platform called “” which is similar to zoom but with more privacy features. When you click on the link that you will receive in your email, simply type in your name to be added to my virtual waiting room. When I have finished with the previous patient, I will start the call. I can take payments through e-transfer or credit card number. I will then email the receipt and treatment plan. Supplements can easily be sent through the mail or times can be arranged for porch pick up. Fullscript has been doing a great job of adjusting to the increased demand and still reliably fulfilling supplement orders. New patients are able to book online at Intake forms can also be submitted online and test kits can be sent through the mail.

During these unprecedented times, I think it is easy to get caught up in fear from what is presented in the media or to get wrapped up in the latest conspiracy theory, but I challenge you to take advantage of this “pause”. I urge you to take time for yourselves during this pandemic to simply focus within. While it is tempting to replace the busyness of driving kids to hockey with other distractions… try to take some time out to center yourself, listen to what the body has been trying to tell you above all the noise, and then make changes accordingly. When this seasons of social distancing passes (because it will), carefully consider who and what you want to add back into your life.

Thank-you all for your patience with procedural changes around the clinic during this difficult time. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns that you have.